Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the maximum number of followers that I can buy?

The maximum number of followers you can buy is up to a million. Depending on our package, you can pick any number of followers in that range. But if you want to make any custom order like buying an odd number of followers, then give us a call. We will make a deal.

What should I do if I have not received my orders/ followers yet?

If you did not receive your order/ followers after paying up, then please check the following in your Instagram account.
Check your Instagram username
Make sure your Instagram account is public
Do not change your order name until the order is fulfilled
If the order is for likes a post, then make sure that the post is public and not removed
If these things are right in order, then please wait for 12 to 48 hours. There may be a technical issue in our system. if still nothing happens then contact us!

Does buying followers cause my account to be banned?

No. You are buying Instagram followers. It is not anything illegal. So Instagram will not ban your account for that.

What do you need about my Instagram account for me to purchase flowers? Do I need to give my password?

The only thing we need about your account is its username. Our system will automatically pick up the other publicly available information. And no, we will never ask for your Instagram password.

Why does my number of followers decrease on time?

If your follower counts start dropping, then don’t worry. It is just Instagram removing all accounts that have gone inactive. There is no danger for your account to get banned because of this.

Will there be any replenishment for my follower’s number drop?

Yes, there will be replenishment of your order. Whenever your follower number drops, send us a refill request. We will replenish your account for free if that happens in the first month.
But if it happens after the first month, you will need to pay some amount for replenishment.

Are the followers we provide fake, or real?

The followers we provide to our customers are 100% real. We can assure you there are not any fake accounts created by bots.

How does FameFamers work?

Here are the three simple ways that FameFamers works.
Select your order/ package
Enter your Instagram username/ post link (for likes)
Pay up and wait for order completion

Why do I need to buy followers for Instagram?

If you want to influence a community/ increase your network/ want companies to reach out to you for product promotion/ go viral, then you will need as many followers as you can get on Instagram.

Is our service legal? / Is buying followers legal?

Yes. In fact, buying followers on any social media platform is legal. S do not worry about doing anything illegal by buying followers. It is simply a strategy of social media marketing.

Is it possible to remove all the followers that I have brought from my account?

Unfortunately, no. The followers we provide are real and active accounts. Thus, they cannot be removed with one flip of a switch.
However, you can remove them by manually selecting them and deleting them from your account.