Top Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Know

Top Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Know

Top Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Know

We people have been utilizing social platforms for marketing. That said, Instagram is a very cool place to use for marketing. According to recent statistics, it's been recognized that this platform alone engages over a billion visitors every month. To utilize such huge visitors to grow your business, here are the top Instagram marketing tips to increase conversion rates.

Top Instagram Marketing Tips You to Increase Conversion Rates

Building a Business Account

The first and foremost step you need to take is to create an Instagram business profile. By doing so, you'll engage numerous audiences to your page without even going to your website. It not only helps in engaging customers but also with running promotions or ads.

Instagram gets around 500 million visitors on Instagram stories on a single day. A majority of people from this population attribute the interest they have in a particular brand or product to Instagram stories. 

When you create a business account, you get access to analytics. By using analytics, you can easily measure the progress of your marketing activities. This helps you to find anomalies in your marketing so that you rectify them for your business's growth. 

Grow Your Audience Base

For your business to see the ray of success, your business profile must have a strong audience base. With a huge set of audience, you can get higher conversion rates. Since there is a huge competition on the platform, it's difficult to attract followers to your page. But don't fret, because there are several effective ways with which you can easily overcome the obstacles. 

grow your instagram page

First of all, you need to work with your existing customers on your page. You need to work to deliver lucrative content so that it encourages them to follow you on Instagram. Once you achieve success here, you can further elevate the method by introducing many promotions and discounts on your products. This is a great way to attract more customers since people are more attracted to paying less for a good product. With interesting promotional activities, more people will be participating which will make them grow interested in your business.

Next, you can also include relevant badges on your website to promote your Instagram profile which is also a great way to increase conversion rate. In the meantime, keep a close eye on your competitors with products similar to yours and the methodology which they are using to thrive in the market. This will help you to build the strategy for your account. 

You can also follow those who are already following that particular page. As they are interested in the particular product, there is a possibility that they'll follow you back. 

Focusing on Creative Content

Among the huge pool of audiences on Instagram, the majority of them are youngsters. Hence, utilizing a method to engage them towards your profile can be a great way to show your creativity. Use various unique ideas to present your products to them and make them realize why your product is the one they should go for instead of the other traditional sellers. 

Using good pictures is the most important criterion to engage customers. As a result, investing in product photography is a wise decision for the long run. With a lucrative and standard picture and interesting description of your product, it'll show them the importance of your products on their lives.

Another critical aspect to look after is the time you're posting your content. Understanding how to schedule them properly is something you should study carefully. To aid you in this case, you can take the assistance of a content marketing specialist. Since they understand the concept and have access to tools, it'll help you with your content creation and scheduling. If you have a startup business and just starting with digital marketing, then hiring a specialist can help you go a long way.

Sending Message in a Different Tone

If your messages are monotonous and quite "business" oriented, then people won't find interest in your product. As a result, your content must contain an engaging tone and it must also provide relevance so that viewers find your product more interesting which may persuade them to purchase your product. 

Remember that Instagram is not a place for hard-pitching. If you treat it like so, then you'll find no customers that would like to have your product. It doesn't cause any harm when it comes to delivering your message in a funny accent.

Let's consider the tactics like the use of teasers or other promotional tactics which works great in generating interest. On the other hand, introducing exclusive offers also attracts a huge set of audience. Of course, everybody loves to get the feeling of being special. If your message gives them that vibes, they would surely love to purchase your product from your profile.

Being Consistent with Posts

This might be a challenge for many entrepreneurs who use Instagram as their marketing platform. However, those who know the trick can go a long way with their business. It can be a difficult chore to post content once or twice a day. Attempt to keep the posts consistent. People may lose interest in what you have to say if you use haphazard placement.

A large number of posts does not always imply a high level of engagement. It's possible that bombarding audiences with messages will turn them off. Schedule postings so that your audience knows when to anticipate new information. Scheduling also allows for higher-quality items to be published, which can increase engagement.

Experts advise that you only make one post per day. You should aim for 11 to 20 times per month. Based on your knowledge of your target market, figure out what works best for you.

Use Instagram Stories and Live Streams

Instagram stories content is only available for 24 hours. Before moving on to the general postings, the majority of Instagram followers will browse through Instagram stories. It provides an excellent opportunity to present a variety of content. Images, films, or short promotional messages could be used. There's also no limit to how many stories you may post.

Live streams are fun to watch and allow for real-time communication. As you broadcast, people can leave comments, share, and like your content. For product demos, use live streaming. It's also a chance to meet the people who make up the team.

The brand partnership is possible through live broadcasting. The brand partnership gives you access to audiences who aren't familiar with your profile. You gain more visibility, which may lead to an increase in followers.

Instagram Marketing Requires Social Influencers

Influencers work hard to amass a significant following. Their audiences have faith in them and will purchase a product if they endorse it. Depending on who you choose to deal with, working with influencers is cost-effective.

Micro-influencers, for example, may accept products rather than monetary compensation. Celebrities, on the other hand, are likely to be more costly. Look into the influencers' following to see what kind of people they have.

Partnering with the incorrect influencer might harm your company's reputation. Some people have amassed millions of followers as a result of their notoriety. You'd rather stay away from such situations altogether.

User-Generated Content Can Help You Save Money (UGC)

User-generated material is more likely to be trusted by audiences. It promotes interaction and is a fantastic way to boost conversions. The best part is that you won't have to spend any money to get this knowledge. Of course, if you have extra cash, promotions should be included. It increases the likelihood of audience involvement.


We've compiled a list of the top 9 Instagram marketing tips you shouldn't overlook. Despite this, we have only scratched the surface of the platform's potential. For clever marketers, Instagram is a dream come true. Starting your research on the top marketing platforms with articles like this one is a fantastic place to start.