Startups on Instagram

Startups on Instagram

Startups on Instagram

Creating Strategy

As we have already mentioned, Instagram is suitable for any kind of online business. From eCommerce to a lifestyle business, you can thrive on your particular market via Instagram. However, the strategy that needs to be applied here is comparatively different than other platforms.

Here, you need to create a content strategy to advertise your products. Having a strategic plan for your content can generate the best output for the products. For instance, nobody now prefers to use the traditional method of advertising. Traditional advertising mostly focuses on selling its products. The reason why the traditional advertising method doesn't work anymore is that it no longer attracts the customer base that is on Instagram. As a result, creating a new strategy can help you solve the issue.

Instead of directly asking the followers on your Instagram account to purchase your product, you can try to convince them by providing solutions. Describe what your product is about and what benefit it can bring to them. As a result, it can help them to relate to their problems which will attract more customers to purchase your product. Overall, your main aim should be to promote your items on Instagram instead of asking them to buy from you.


Hashtags Usage

Hashtags are a common feature to put your brand on-trend. As you have seen on Twitter, people use hashtags which attracts more viewers to their posts. The same case applies here. To get more audience for your brand on Instagram, there is no end of benefits for using hashtags.

But to get yourself started using hashtags, you first need to identify the relevant keywords. The process of finding relevant hashtags utilizes a similar process to searching SEO. You can take the assistance of the internet to do so, or you can study what hashtags your competitors are using on their content. Make sure to keep a note of them and apply them to your one to gain more followers and promote your product to the audience.

The one tip that we'd like to provide you is that you try to identify the most integrating popular hashtags for your content. In this way, you can get to expand your reach and take full advantage of searches. Moreover, the proper use of these hashtags can lead to boost your brand and popularize your product.

Uploading Content

On Instagram, content means everything. That's why you need to post top-notch content on this platform to have a good grip on your market. If you can figure out the stress point which might trigger the audience to buy your product, you can make a huge sale. Hence, try to come up with the solutions for their problems which they have been longing for.

There are two ways through which you can measure the engagement of your brand, and they are frequency and reach. Posting content regularly is a good way to play with people's minds. If the customers view your content frequently, your brand will stick to their minds.

Of course, reach is also an important aspect to consider since it determines how much your content expands and attracts fresh customers to your page. But only posting content will not suffice for your startup. As they say, the first impression is everything, interacting with them is a great way to boost your sales. When they comment on your content, make sure to reply to the back so that they feel more welcomed at your place. Besides, it also enriches your post.


Encouraging Audience to do Activities

Instagram is a platform where people continuously upload content to their feed. As a result, Instagram posts have turned into a "one-time view" thing. So you need to be creative yet unique with your content so that people can easily recognize your startup. Besides, you need to post your content regularly to engage customers for your startup.

Although taking great pictures and posting regularly might seems a lot to you, the reward for doing so is also very great. You need to identify and implement user-generated content. In other words, it means that you can urge your clients to send you a picture with your product which you can upload on your page to keep your audience engaged.

You can also collaborate with bloggers and many startup marketing agencies can also help your startup grow rapidly. Nowadays, people have been partnering up with many influences and this is a very effective method. The average users of Instagram are teens and they follow many influencers. As a result, partnering up with them can engage their followers on your page, so you can get the thrust you need to get started.

Creating Online Campaigns

If you'd like to hype your brands among the followers, then creating contests is a great way to do so. Since Instagram content is all about photography, you can arrange a photo contest to gain more viewer's attention. It’ll help you to broaden your audience range as well.

Invite and engage your audience with a giveaway contest where they have to take pictures of using your products. You can also create a hashtag concerning the contest and urge them to use it with their posts. This will not only create a trend for your product but also enhance Instagram community relationships. In other words, this is a good way to make your products more popular.

Moreover, only arranging contests won't suffice. You have to check in how well the contest is bringing a response back to you. To run a successful contest, you can research how your competitors have done it before.

Cross-promoting Your Profile

There is also another way to build your startup business on Instagram, and that is to post your Instagram page's link on various other platforms. One of the free platforms that should cross your mind is your website.

You can tag your Instagram profile's link on your website as well as other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With that said, you'll notice a huge number of monthly visitors on your page. You can also take pictures of your most popular content and upload them on other platforms like Facebook which will help you gain more followers from such other platforms as well. They even might as well follow you back on Instagram. Hence, your brand will popularize and grow in no matter of time.


All the aspects we have discussed so far are a series of tips that you can imply to your business to grow from scratch to pro. If you're determined to compete in the major marketing league, you have to grow your business first by using these ideas.

Use your old and new followers on your Instagram page to advertise your brand. Your audience is your greatest asset to excel in your brand genuinely. Besides, coming up with better strategies frequently can also keep and grow your audience