Best Instagram photo editing apps!

Best Instagram photo editing apps!

Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

Let's say a friend shot a wonderful photo of you against a picturesque backdrop. However, as you prepare to publish, you find that a bystander has photobombed the scene! What should you do in this situation?

Photo editing apps are the answer! That's why we've put together a list of the top Instagram photo editing apps for Android and iPhone so you can choose the best for your Instagram feed.

Why Use an Instagram Editing App?

Instagram is a prominent photo-sharing social media network that allows you to share your moments with the rest of the world. Instagram has over 500 million daily active users. As a result, you can see why Instagram photo editing tools are so important. These apps are effective at making your photo stand out among millions of other users.

A good photo can go a long way in grabbing the attention of your followers. With photo editing tools, you can improve the quality of your photos and remove any flaws that are spoiling them. There are various other reasons why you should use an Instagram photo editing app:

Resize your photos to fit the square format of Instagram.

Cropping, adding filters, messages, removing the background, and much more may be done to improve the quality of your photos.

If you want to make films, animations, infographics, or flipbooks out of boring photos.

Let's learn more about editing apps now that you know why they're great for wowing your audience.

Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps for Smartphones


Snapseed is the app to use if you want to make a professional modification to your photo quickly. Snapseed is one of our top selections because it has a lot of tools to help you enhance your photos. If you don't want to invest in Adobe Lightroom, this free app is a wonderful option.

It is quite user-friendly to its users, even though it offers a lot of functions. With a range of filters and effects, you can get your hands on the image straight away. You can also create your own custom filters to compliment your shot.

Another fantastic feature of Snapseed is the ability to compare your altered photo to the original without having to leave the app. As a consequence, you'll be able to make an informed decision about which one is Instagrammable.

With all of the capabilities accessible on Snapseed, many pros feel at ease using it to edit photos on occasion. Cropping, frames, text, straightening, auto-adjustment, tune image, rotate, vignettes, sharpening, and other capabilities make it simple to edit both RAW and JPG files. 

Plus, there's more. The Brush and Selective tools can also be used to make necessary modifications. You can also adjust white balance, HDR scape, enlarge the image's boundaries, add lens blur, take a double exposure shot, and much more, making it an excellent editing app for both iOS and Android.


Let us introduce you to yet another fantastic photo editing app that will take your Instagrammable pictures to new heights. The simplicity of the user interface is one of the reasons why so many people choose this app as their primary editing tool. When you arrive at the UI, you'll notice a plethora of appealing filters and editing tools. 

This app is ideal for editing outside photos because it has bright and moody tones as well as soft-touch functions. When you apply it to your photos, it gives them an elegant look that is great for your next Instagram post.

Vsco, of course, includes all of the standard features found in any typical photo editing app. But one feature that distinguishes this app from others is that it is so well-known that its hashtags #vsco #vscocam are among the most extensively used hashtags in history!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe is a name that almost everyone has heard of. However, many people are unaware that, in addition to the PC version, it now offers a smartphone app. As a result, you may now use your familiar UI directly from your smartphone!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom enables you to take an instant photograph and immediately modify the raw image. You can simply give your photo an Instagram look with its large range of filters and editing tools.

What's cool about Adobe Lightroom is that it has a healing brush tool that can help you get the clarity you want in your photos. The cherry on top of this app is that you can save your edits to the Adobe cloud for convenient access anytime you need them again.

Because of its AI technology, Adobe Lightroom is popular among professional photographers. This AI system assists you in auto-tagging your images depending on their topic so you can identify the perfect shot quickly. Don't worry if you've never used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Because this app includes simple tutorials that will teach you how to edit your photos like an expert.


Pixlr is the app to try if you're a newbie photographer. On Pixlr, you may not only edit your photos but also make collages and fine-tune them to give your favorite image a distinctive style. The interface, of course, is simply because it's designed for beginners.

Because of its adjustment tools, special effects, filters, borders, frames, and overlays, people find Pixlr to be quite adaptable. It also comes with pre-installed catchy frames for combining your favorite photographs for Instagram collages. This encourages consumers to look at all of your fantastic clicks at the same time, which piques their interest.

It also features attractive sketch, pencil, and watercolor effects to alter photographs according to your preferences, in addition to all of these tools and frames. With that stated, it's a fantastic all-around app for rookie Instagram editors.


PicsArt is another easy-to-use photo editor with a clean UI. It does, however, come with extensive editing capabilities to help you give your photo a professional makeover. When you put the two statements together, you can simply alter your photo without the help of a professional by using such a simple interface.

It includes entertaining stickers to use on photos, as well as customizable collages, text elements, and more as if you were editing your photo to give it a Snapchat-like look! This photo editing tool also allows you to collaborate with your friends and other PicsArt users to alter photos. In addition, if you get stuck while editing, you may use the in-app tutorials to help you out. So, if you want to improve your Instagram photo editing skills, this is the tool to use.


When uploading a photo to Instagram, it's possible that it won't fit in the interface. In that situation, you can resize your image with Instasize. You won't have to bother about photo adjustments again because of its premium tolls and filters, adjustment functions, borders, and much more.

Of course, after resizing, you can edit both raw photographs and videos using this free app. However, upgrading to premium unlocks extra features such as face radiance, smile brightening, and moisturized-looking skin.

Boomerang from Instagram

One of the most popular Instagram editing apps is the boomerang. With this app, created by Instagram, you can make your dull selfies much more entertaining. You can literally play with motion with Boomerang. Additionally, you can blend images from burst mode to create a hilarious film.

There are four editing options to choose from: slow-mo, duet, echo, and cutting. You can slow down your videos with slow-mo. You may rewind your mini-videos using the dup option. Trimming allows you to choose where your movie begins and finishes. Finally, you may use echo to create a double-vision appearance by adding motion blurs.

Square Sized

Square Sized, like Instasize, allows you to change the size of your photos. This is an Instagram-specific tool that allows you to convert photographs of any shape into square-sized Instagrammable posts. You may also add a backdrop, layers, filters, borders, fonts, shapes, and overlays to photographs in addition to resizing them.


Now that you've learned about the top Instagram picture editing apps, go ahead and edit your photographs with your favorite from our list. With that stated, congratulations to all of you, as you will now be able to publish lovely photos on Instagram as well!